Slow Down for Faster Results

By Josh Bezoni

Today I want to provide you with the simplest, arguably most effective piece of nutrition advice ever: SLOW DOWN.

Although incredibly simple, it’s not easy. After all, most people rush through the day with little time to spare for anything, and when you do have time to eat, you likely gobble it down—probably while you’re trying to multi-task on something else.

However, slow eating has a number of advantages:

Not only that, eating slowly can help you lose weight. One reason is that it takes about 20 minutes for your brain and stomach to register fullness, and by eating slowly, you have time to recognize when you’re satisfied—not stuffed—and stop on time.

With that in mind, slow down when you eat; take smaller bites; chew each bite slower, longer, and completely; put your fork down between bites; eat with your non-dominant hand; or enjoy a conversation with someone.