Our Story

Led by co-founders Joel Marion and Josh Bezoni, we are the premium, natural nutrition brand committed to excellence, integrity, and giving back. It’s our goal to help millions of folks around the globe optimize how they look, feel, and perform by way of our research-backed supplements, world-class customer support staff, expert coaches, inspiring community, and informative newsletters and reports.

At BioTrust®, we go well above and beyond the industry standard to produce the most effective, scientifically-sound supplements. It is our promise to implement an exhaustive process to ensure that our products deliver only the highest quality, most effective formulas and ingredients to you and your body. When you invest your hard-earned money in BioTrust®, you can rest assured that you are getting:

Simply put, BioTrust® was created to produce products that are bigger, badder, and better than literally anything else on the market from both a quality ingredient and scientific effectiveness standpoint. And as you learn about our products and experience them for yourself, you will clearly see how we've risen head and shoulders above the competition with each and every product we've produced.

While we’re a world-class supplement company, we’re much more than that. We are committed to doing EVERYTHING the right way, with integrity, and with your results in mind. At BioTrust® we're here for you. Our ultimate goal is to help you achieve yours, and we look forward to helping you every step of your journey. Welcome to the family.